About Venesyt Media SEO And Digital Marketing

Venesyt Media's mission is simple: 

"Helping as many people and businesses as they can using the power of SEO and Digital Marketing as a whole."

Venesyt Media has been in the SEO industry since 2018 with a mission to educate people the importance of online presence and digital marketing.

Although our agency is still new, the expertise of our members was developed back in 2016. 

The founder, Anthony, had a history before he began to learn SEO. Sometime in 2014, he created a website serving a niche. The promise of niche sites back then was enough to make him started it without prior knowledge. He paid for some marketing services and the result was very unnoticeable, definitely not enough to break-even. 

The blog lasted only several months. He knew then he had to learn the skill himself, beginning from SEO. It took a good amount of his time. He eventually got better, enough to rank his sites on Google and to make people understand the basic of SEO. He can't call himself an expert yet but he for sure can do good SEO jobs for his clients.

We aim to improve our clients' businesses by providing SEO services for their businesses. We believe that a strong content strategy will have a very high return for the long-term.

Algorithm changes, backlink disappears, page rank in Google doesn't stay forever. But one thing doesn't change, and will always be the main thing you should have, which is...


Content will stay inside your website. A website with numerous detailed, strong content will beat its competitors and gain natural traffic and backlinks over time. That's the website you want to have, a website that provides value to its readers, not just another spammy website with spammy links.

Our SEO blog targets primarily business owners who is new in SEO and want to learn the basics of SEO. It's better to learn those things first before actually deciding if they would want to hire an agency to do that. We feel that everyone should have some knowledge of SEO. Feel free to jump in our blog and enjoy your stay

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