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Do I need SEO for my website?

Consider your website as a salesman to your company. It helps your business sell more of your product. The good thing is it works tirelessly all day long. Think about it. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 30 days a month, you got the idea.

It doesn't call in sick, it doesn't stay in home on holiday. It does whatever it is told to do. Search Engine Optimization improves the ranking of your website. When your website is on the front page, it will pull leads and sales every day, which also improve your business as well.

Here Are The Facts:

See online search as the most trusted source of information about people and companies.
 Read online reviews before visiting a business
Potential Sales
Lost because consumers can't find information they are looking for.
Never go past the first page, instead using only the first 10 search results to form their impression

"​​​​There is no point in having a website if your clients can’t find it."

How We Help Your Business

1. Increase In Revenue

Never have a day of no income ever again. Watch as your company gets more and more purchases every day from the customers who found your website from searches.
2. Grow Customer Base

Our service increase the amount of traffic that came from search engine that helps maximizing the growth of customer base.
3. Monthly Report

Every month we send reports to you informing about the current and past ranks of your website on the targeted keywords and also news along with recommended actions related to the industry to let you aware of the matter.
4. ​Client Onboarding

We have a working system that lets our clients to see every tasks we've done for the SEO of their websites. There they can review if our changes and contact us if necessary.

5. 100% In-House

We performed everything in-house as opposed to outsourcing because we understand that it can be harmful and that the time it takes to coordinate can be cut dramatically.
6. No Contract

There is no 3,6,12 months contract. We offer month-to-month contract. We put customer satisfaction as a top priority in our book. But if our clients decided that we couldn't deliver because of reasons, why should they be around longer?

Choosing the right SEO Agency for your company can be a daunting task. A careful selection of several SEO agencies should be done because any SEO job done for your website can be a double-edged blade. SEO done for your website can be beneficial or detrimental for the site rank. If done wrongly, Google can actually penalize the site preventing it from reaching the first page. In some cases, it can be reversed, and in some cases, you better start off with a clean slate.

Below is the list of five tips of choosing the right agency for you.

1. Data Based Pricing
Most agencies worth their salt out there will first conduct an audit of your website. Then they will inquire about the necessary data for the job. Depending on the size of the company, the SEO strategies can be very different because of market and price point. Agencies that put a fixed price for their service usually have their strategies based on their packages but not on the clients' needs.

SEO is not the same for all businesses. Some keywords require more SEO to be done before the site can rank and compete on the front page. Venesyt Media understands that thus we determine the pricing of our service by considering various factors before coming out with a price point.

2. Care For Your Product or Service
A good SEO agency gives you a good SEO service. A great SEO agency will fall in love with your products or service and the company itself. They will ask many questions and develop a strategy while having your long-term goals in mind. They do not follow the same recipe for every client, but they alter it to match their clients' needs to achieve the best possible result for the campaign.

3. Developing On Page & Off-Site Strategies
It is important for your SEO agency to develop strategies. The strategies need to be tailored for each business because each business is different in terms of what are the best changes to implement for that business. The strategies will serve as guidelines for their future activities. That way it makes the agency accountable and the clients can see and check for themselves.

4. Transparent
There is no secret sauce or methods that are known only by a few people. Everything in SEO is well-known by many people who've been around for some time in the community. In fact, if they began to pitch you about how they have this secret sauce that can boost your rank in a matter of days, they should be avoided. Most likely they are going to employ black hat tricks which is not good at all for any website in the long run. 

Your SEO agency should always explain what are they going to do, what kind of tools are they going to use that can help to reach your goals. The role of an SEO agency is to help you reach your goals by performing a detailed SEO analysis on your website and then develop a strategy on how to improve the site for better ranking.

5. Top Notch Customer Service
Good customer service puts clients at ease. A business owner that give the keys to their website will usually have some questions regarding the SEO service. Most likely there will be changes that made the clients worry because of possible bad results coming from it. To prevent the changes from being live, the agency has to be ready for any concerns the clients might have and reply to them as quickly as possible.

Venesyt Media recognizes this problem and they answer any questions as soon as possible and also anticipates and answers future questions.

These tips above should serve as a good start when deciding whether you have found the right search engine optimization agency or not. The right agency helps you increase revenue by giving you more customers with being on the top page of the search engine as a media. A bad agency will rank your website and get out after the job is done, leaving you vulnerable for future problems caused by shady practice.

If your website can't be found on page one of Google, then you are losing money every day to your competitors that placed themselves ahead of you. People don't go to yellow pages anymore when searching for a business to meet their needs. Their smartphones are their yellow pages, and Google is the content. And the reason you have to do local SEO is people will search for local businesses first thing before anything else.

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